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What comes to mind when you think about your second life? Playing golf three days a week? Having a home at the beach? Traveling with your grandchildren? Starting a new business?


Unfortunately, if you are like many people these days, thinking about retirement might make you want to reach for an antacid—or something stronger. Maybe you can’t forget about how the lives of retired friends and family members changed overnight when the markets crashed in 2008. After years of hard work and careful saving—gone! Like a bad dream, their money disappeared before their eyes. And now you are shaking in your boots, worried the same thing might happen to you.

The Truth Is, They Didn’t Have To Lose Their Ability To Enjoy Their Lifestyle.

What has become incredibly clear in the last decade, particularly since 2008, is that people’s confidence in just about everything has been shattered. We believe this comes from a lack of certainty about the future.We think you will agree that, more than anything, we all want to be assured that we will not run out of money before we take our last breath. Almost equally important, we would like to know that we will not become a burden to our children or society.

As Retirees, Or Pre-Retirees Getting Ready To Exit The Workplace, We Can’t Help But Ask Ourselves:

Do I have enough money? Will it last my lifetime? What about my spouse? My Children? What about Medicare? How should I claim my Social Security? Will my pension survive and continue to pay me?

These are all incredibly important questions and ones we’re sure you have asked yourself. Though we may not be able to answer these questions for you, we feel certain we can help you answer them for yourself.

Sustain Your Lifestyle Throughout Your Retirement

Its no fun working forty or fifty years, and then having no faith in your ability to sustain your lifestyle throughout your retirement. We would like to show you that if you rethink how you make your investment decisions and adopt a new philosophy about money you can regain your lost confidence.

Money can’t buy you happiness, but it can buy you choices.

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