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At Insured Wealth Management, Our Sole Focus Is YOU.

At Insured Wealth Management, our sole focus is YOU.

At Insured Wealth Management, Our Sole Focus Is YOU.

Insured Wealth Management’s mission is to help restore lost confidence in your ability to sustain your ideal lifestyle throughout your retirement. Our specialty is retirement planning with a focus on income and estate planning.

Our Financial Advisors

Marc Helfrich

Marc Helfrich has been helping retirees and pre-retirees plan their “second life” for over 20 years. Being a Registered Investment Advisor, Marc serves in a fiduciary role to all of his clients. He specializes in retirement lifestyle planning with an emphasis on tax efficiency and lifetime income. He educates his clients with a new way to think about money, investing, and retirement planning. This gives them confidence that their money will last as long as they do. Furthermore, he’s also proficient in developing and implementing estate planning strategies by working closely with a professional advisory network of experienced CPAs and attorneys. On a personal note, Marc is a founding member of the Murphy Community Leadership Council, business member of the Rockwall and Rowlett Chamber of Commerce, financial supporter and parent volunteer for Sting Soccer Club and the Chamberlain Ballet and Performing Arts. Marc has been married 24 years to his wife Nancy and has two daughters, Rachel and Sarah, who are students at the University of Texas and Texas State University.

Rick Lucas

Rick Lucas has been assisting investors since 2002. He has advised retirees of Fortune 500 companies as well as business owners, government employees and teachers in matters of retirement and estate planning. Being a Registered Investment Advisor, Rick serves in a fiduciary role to all his clients while educating them on a new way to think about money and investing. Rick has also developed a specialty in working with clients who want to grow and protect their wealth in a tax efficient manner and ensure their money lasts. Over the years, Rick has helped his clients use different strategies to create lifetime income, reduce income taxes, taxes on social security, and estate taxes. He also incorporates estate planning to protect clients assets and by-pass probate by working closely with a network of CPA’s and Attorneys. Rick has completed Advanced IRA Distribution Expert training and is recognized as an Ed Slott trained expert advisor. (Ed Slott is a nationally recognized IRA expert, and was listed in the Wall Street Journal as “The best source of IRA advice.”)

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